Depending on the actual product.

Vacuum vegetable and fruit precooler
Condensation Temp. 45℃
Evaporation Temp. -5℃
Refrigerant: R404A
Power: 3P/380V or220V /50HZ or 60Hz
Noise: ≤70dB
  • Fruit and vegetable flowers are pre-cooled thoroughly, cooling evenly inside and outside, keeping fresh green, favorable for sales, increasing market price
  • The cooling speed is fast, and each processing time can be completed in 15~30 minutes, saving a lot of time and cost.
  • Unrestricted packaging type, reducing labor costs and facilitating operation
  • Pre-cooled fruits and vegetables can extend shelf life and are more suitable for long-distance transportation.
  • Each treatment volume:  0.1 ton , 0.3ton  ,0.5 ton,  1 ton,  1.5 ton,  2 ton,  2.5 ton ,  3 ton,  4 ton , 5 ton
Main accessories

Compressors, vacuum pumps, touch screens, air switches, thermal relays, phase protection, emergency stop, safety relay reset, vacuum pressure controllers, air-cooled condensers, oil separators, gas-liquid separators, liquid receivers, expansion Valve, solenoid valve, ball valve, HL pressure controller, dry filter, sight glass, PLC, water catcher, vacuum chamber, horizontal sliding door