Depending on the actual product.

DLS-2T Seawater flake ice machine
Condensation Temp. 45℃
Evaporation Temp. -22℃
Refrigerant: R404A/R22/R507
Power: 3P/380V or220V /50HZ or 60Hz
Noise: ≤70dB
Small and medium-sized sea ice flakes for fishing vessels are used in fishing boat support, offshore fishing, seafood preservation and seafood distribution. All necessary pipelines, valves and condensers use special high-strength anti-corrosion materials, which can directly extract seawater ice to produce ice continuously according to your needs; the ice production can be from 2000kg/d to 25000kg/d. demand.
The thin ice surface of the sea ice flake ice machine has a large surface area, and the rapid cooling effect is good. The sharp ice without sharp edges and corners will not stab the frozen object, and can enter the gap of the cooled object, and has good preservation effect and convenient use, and can meet the requirements of fish seafood preservation.
Technical Parameters
1. Standard working conditions: ambient temperature 25 ° C, inlet water temperature 15 ° C. Evaporation temperature: -22 ° C, condensation temperature: 45 ° C.
2. Refrigerant: R404A/R22/R507
3. Power: 3P/220V or 380V/50HZ or 60HZ
4. Noise: ≤70dB
Due to continuous innovation in technology, parameters are subject to change without notice.
Tips: The equipment can be designed according to the size of the fishing boat, easy to install, durable and practical.
Main accessories

Compressor (using Fusheng or Copland or Bitzer, Bock, Germany), evaporator, reducer, circulating water pump, automatic full water controller, water level switch, condenser, drying filter, expansion valve, low pressure pressure switch, high pressure Switches, automatic control systems, thermal relays, circuit breakers.