Depending on the actual product.

DL-fluid ice (sand ice) machine
Condensation Temp. 40℃
Evaporation Temp. -15℃
Refrigerant: R404A/R22/R507
Power: 3P/380V or220V /50HZ or 60Hz
Noise: ≤70dB

1. The preservation speed is fast, and it will be completely covered by the preservation in the shortest time, forming a no-corner immersion quick-frozen preservation

2. The fluid ice temperature is between -2 and -5 degrees. This temperature is suitable for cold storage temperature and will not damage the cells and tissues of the frozen objects.

3. The ice crystal of the flow ice machine is between 0.2-0.5mm, which has good softness and soft touch. It will not rub against each other when entering the frozen object and hurt the frozen object.

4. Seawater directly makes ice, which greatly reduces the operating cost; the temperature and quick freezing of the ice slurry to the object is 15-20 times that of crushed ice and flake ice.